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Sentence Starters { Protective Version }


  • "Watch out!"
  • "You could have been killed!"
  • "Run! Hurry up, go!"
  • "Save yourself, I’ll hold them back."
  • "Leave me here! Go! Hurry! I can handle it."
  • "I promise I’ll make sure they don’t hurt you."
  • "They better not have laid a damn finger on you or I’ll [insert threat]."
  • "I swear, if they so much as breathe next to you, I’ll knock them out.”
  • "I’m not leaving you here!"
  • "And let you get yourself killed?"
  • "Are you crazy?"
  • "Are you hurt anywhere?"
  • "I don’t trust him/her. They seem off."
  • "I’m saying this for your own good!"
  • "Don’t worry. I’ll protect you."
  • "I don’t want to lose you! You’re all I have left!"
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"Yeah…Twelfth one in case you’re wondering." He replied as he ran a hand through his raven hair.


"Still haven’t gotten a ginger regeneration I take it?" He teased at the other. He found the other’s obsession with wanting to be ginger entertaining.

"Nah, not ginger yet. Though to be honest, I actually like the hair color I have now. It fits with everything, y’know?" 

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I write sins not five page research papers

#i chime in with a haven’t you people ever heard of in-text citations #no #it’s better to face this kind of thing with a post-text essay bibliography

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Send me “Unf” If you think the muse is hot.

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"My knee hurts."


"How’d you do that?" Hailee asked.

"I’m clumsy?" He grinned, nudging her playfully. "Hello beautiful."

"Is that what they call it now?" She grinned back and nudged him as well. "Hello yourself."

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♚- My character is a revolutionary that has now been captured by the king/ queen, your character




Alright so he wasn’t fully against the ruler or the rules being stated he just…didn’t approve of a few. Was that really a crime now? Stating his opinion of others around him and himself? He should have realized something was off as he walked back to the small space he lived in when two of the guards came and easily bind his wrists and brought him straight into the castle.

He squirmed against the grasps of them as others looked down on him before he was suddenly thrown against the rug that was right in front of the throne. He had gotten in trouble for minor things but to be like this was another story. Emerald eyes that were slightly scared peered up through raven strands at the man in the throne. 

Theta nodded as he brought his arms up to wrap around his chest and began to follow Koschei inside. There was a part of him that wasn’t sure as to follow him inside but, he wanted to. Perhaps it was the more information as to what the job he wanted to so or something among those lines.

He felt out of place though. He had tattered shirt and pants as his only clothing which was the completely opposite as to what the king wore. Theta kept his arms around himself and continued followed Koschei.

The wind picked up and it sounded like the sky was being torn apart. Maybe going inside really was the better option here. He quickened his pace and within a few minutes they were both inside again with the king being offered a towel dry himself a bit. Koschei did so without comment, gesturing for the servant to leave once he was finished before turning his attention to Theta.

How that man had survived any winter was beyond him. It was Theta’s own fault if he ended up with a serious case of Pneumonia due to a brought down immune system and the king shouldn’t have to care about that. So he didn’t. What he did do however was lead them both to his study again where there was already a warm wood getting burned in the fireplace.

Theta was use to coldness of weather. He made due how he always did in the crevice area he had as a ‘home’. Plus it wasn’t that difficult when you looked around any discarded things and you find small blankets or large ones with some tears. He knew a few people who patched them up.

He continued to follow Koschei, feeling a bit more relaxed as they reached the warmth of the study. He breathed out a soft sigh in relief as he walked a bit closer to warm himself up a bit before stepping away. 

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"My knee hurts."


"How’d you do that?" Hailee asked.

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Send a ✿ for my muse’s reaction to a sudden, passionate kiss from your muse.

They had been in the middle of a conversation, if you could even call it that, bickering about how to properly pilot a TARDIS, when suddenly two arms wrapped around his neck and his lips crashed together with the Doctor’s. 

Oh why not? The Master snaked his arms around the other Time Lord’s waist, pulling him closer as he kissed him back.

"Because…" He started off as he pointed to the console. He was too lazy to push the other off of him so he would just explain from a distance. "I’ve been on this ship for almost centuries. Sure I’m not the greatest flyer around but it doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m doing. You’re used to the higher models that have a couple of things you want to do with the console and my console doesn’t provide it but she tries her best to cope." 

The Master considered that answer for a moment. He had a point there, sort of, but that didn’t mean the Doctor was right about everything. “Honestly…I think she has more work trying to cope with you than with me. I know I do.” He added, mouth curling up in a somewhat mocking smirk. A moment later the Master leaned back and began to climb off the other’s lap and the chair. There was no reason for him to stay there and his legs were getting stiff anyway.

"Join the club, they have jackets." The Doctor pointed out as he sat a bit more upright in the seat, not realizing how long the weight was against him and of the fact that it was getting a bit uncomfortable to have him pressed against him in that spot. He grinned teasingly though as he watched the other stand up. 

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Send me “Mindfuck” and my muse will try to RP as the mun!


Keep in mind that the quality of the writing and how well they play them depends on the muse and their relationship to the mun.

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Send Σ(O_O;) for my characters reaction to having their clothes unbuttoned/unzipped by yours.

"And hello to you too, Jack." He chuckled. "Missed me?"

"Maybe." He grinned at the other as he continued to tug the zipper down.

He grinned as he pressed himself closer to the other. “Should we perhaps take this a bit more…comfortable?”

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   ǀ нανє тнιѕ єffєcт,
     ρєσρƖє נυѕт gєт σвѕєѕѕєɗ.

ǀѕ ιт тнє ѕмιƖє? ǀѕ ιт тнє αfтєяѕнανє? ǀѕ ιт тнє cαραcιту тσ Ɩαυgн αт муѕєƖf?

     ǀ ɗση’т кησω; ιт’ѕ cяαzу!


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➢Familiar with Doctor Who (Doctors 8-11, working on the rest of Classic Who) and many other fandoms


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when someone writes something for you


when someone draws something for you


when someone takes time out of their own life to do something to make you happy


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Send me a Symbol

✉: For a regular text message from my muse.
♣: Here, have a not so regular (maybe even a dirty one) text message.
✍: For what my muse has written about yours in their diary.
✎: For an unsent letter from my muse (May be AU if you want, just let me know what kind of AU you want).
☎: For a drunk phone call.
☏: How about a voice message from my muse?
♥: The favorites of my muse- can be anything from music to sex positions, you’re allowed to specify what you want.
∞: A random headcanon about my muse and yours.
☯: Here, have a hug from my muse.
☮: An argument I think my muse would have with yours.
♪: I’ve put all of my songs on shuffle- now I have to write a drabble involving our muses with the next song that comes on.
♬: Would you care to dance? My muse has to dance with yours.
♛: My muse is royalty for a day and you are their loyal subject- wait, what? What would my muse’s reaction be to this idea?
♚: You are my master- hold on. What if my muse was the loyal subject, how would this go?
✖: Your muse is drowning in the bathtub when mine walks into the bathroom.
☠: Your muse has died, this is how mine reacts.
❂: My muse is clumsy and crashes into yours.
✈: Our muses are on a plane together, by accident or choice. This is what happens.
☢: It’s too hot outside, how does my muse suggest our muses cool down?
ϟ: There’s a storm going on and our muses are stuck together in a house- how will this go?
☂: It’s pouring down and your muse forgot their umbrella, will my muse offer up theirs?
✧: Our muses went to eat out- where?
★: The stars are shining beautifully and my muse wants you to see them.
☾: It’s in the middle of the night and my muse had a nightmare about yours- what does my muse do?
☼: The sun is shining bright and your muse got the bright idea of going out, does my muse agree with this?
☄: My muse is lost, luckily there is cellphone reception- does my muse dare to call yours for help?
♤: Our muses are playing a game, which kind and who is winning?
☻: Your muse got sunburnt, my muse didn’t- how’d it happen and how’ll mine help?
♒: Our muses are at the beach together, by accident or not, and yours was a bit too close to the waves- will my muse laugh or perhaps be helpful?
♦: Your muse asked mine to marry them, what’s my muse’s reaction?
◊: Your muse comes to mine, crying, how does my muse react?
✘: Scars aren’t very pretty- my muse has to show you theirs.
✦: My muse was attacked but yours saved them- how’ll my muse ever thank them? 
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